Monday, December 18, 2006

Giuliani Sputtering In New Hampshire And That's Ok With Giuliani

I never thought that Giuliani would actually run for President (exploratory committees do not count). One reason for Giuliani's hesitation might be his love of dressing up in drag, which can be seen here in this YouTube clip:

That shit don't play in South Carolina son.

However, if Hiz Honnor was to run, he would need to have a dynamite showing in the New Hampshire Primary. Why? For a variety of reasons but mostly because New Hampshire favors "maverick/independent" candidates (Giuliani is a very moderate conservative) more than the other primary/straw poll states.

If Giuliani can't win in New Hampshire he isn't going to win the nomination. And everybody knows it.

Which is why today's Blog rumor that Giuliani has hired Jeff Semprini to be his New Hampshire campaign manager is so, well, its so telling. gets FULL credit for breaking the story just like I (hopefully) get full credit for breaking the story that Giuliani is trying (still?) to hire consultant David Carney to handle New Hampshire:

From everything I hear, Jeff is a really nice kid. And, his dad Wayne Semprini is the former head of the Republican Party in New Hampshire (who decided to step down after the 06' bloodbath).

However, from everything I hear, Jeff isn't really presidential management material. By most accounts, he's the type of guy you hire to raise name ID, sell more books and raise your security firm's profile. He fits in nicely with an "all show and no go" attitude.

But that's OK because, on the inside, Giuliani isn't planning on going anywhere.