Thursday, December 07, 2006

McCain Gets Terry Nelson, Giuliani Gets David Carney???

Team McCain announced today that if the Senator decides to run for President (in other words, if McCain/Weaver/Salter/Dennehy/Nelson continue to do what they have been doing for the last 6 years) Senator McCain has formally asked Terry Nelson to take over the day-to-day operations of his presidential campaign.

I cannot claim to know Terry Nelson and I doubt that he would claim to know me. However, from everything I have read about Mr. Nelson it seems as through the formal hiring of his services through the 08' presidential race fits in nicely with McCain/Weaver's plan for total primary domination.

Not to be outdone by Team McCain, Rudy Giuliani, a potential primary opponent of Senator McCain's, today announced that his PAC has hired the New Hampshire services of David Carney of Norway Hill Associates to help "explore" a potential run in 08'.

Actually, I'm making up that last announcement.

However, I HAVE been hearing rumors that Giuliani's PAC has hired Carney and that both are sitting on the information for a date uncertain (it’s my Blog, I can post rumors if I want).

This information came to me second hand and (supposedly) originated with a failed former campaign manager from the 06' cycle who is now managing a Planet Fitness in Colorado. Guess who, don’t sue.

Carney was part of Bush 2000 efforts in New Hampshire and recently ran Vermont's Rich Tarrant’s failed Senate bid against Bernie Sanders. David is also the lead consultant for Texas Governor Rick Perry.

If true, Giuliani would be the third Republican primary candidate to have staff in New Hampshire along with Senator McCain and Governor Pataki.

Stand by for shit to get silly.