Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Former VT GOP Operatives Nathan Rice and Tim Lennon Leave Politics For The Private Sector? Yeah, It's A Slow Holiday News Cycle

GreenMountainPolitics1 prides itself on writing interesting political commentary that the whole world wakes up every morning just waiting to read.

However, sometimes we fall short. Far short.

Hey, its the holidays. Pass the Sweetbread.

In the holiday tradition, I am passing along two pieces of info that I was just "tipped". It goes down easy. Just like mom's turkey.

It seems that Nathan Rice, Martha Rainville's former campaign manager, is flirting with the idea of joining Halliburton.

Yes, that Halliburton.

Good for him. You own a car, where do you think that gasoline comes from?

Not to be outdone Tim Lennon, Rich Tarrant's former campaign manager, is flirting to. After the election Mr. Lennon moved west and opened up a chain of Planet Fitness Gyms. His traveling companion was a nice young lady he picked up one night while she was working at the Burlington Hooters Resturant.

Holiday smooth boys and girls. Holiday smooth.

You heard it here first.