Sunday, December 24, 2006

Mitt Romney's Campaign Staff Is Second Rate, No, I'm Not Kidding

The Gang of 500 has spent some serious news print loving on Love's campaign staff.

Some pundits have even dismissed Romney's flip-flop problems as "not serious" because the "quality of his staff" will "carry the day".


How might my betters in the mainstream media explain this nugget from yesterday's AP article titled, "Romney Set For Presidential Announcement":

As soon as the week of Jan. 8, Romney will hold a ceremony to officially declare
his candidacy, said the adviser, a top aide who spoke on condition of anonymity
in advance of the official filing.
The timing is somewhat dependent
on when Sen. John McCain of Arizona makes an expected announcement about his own campaign for the GOP nomination, the Romney aide said
. McCain has formed a presidential exploratory committee but held off declaring his candidacy.

Full story can be found here:

Romney's schedule is dependent on what McCain does?

McCain is the 500 pound guerrilla and other candidates are watching him and planning around what he does.

But, Romney's "top aid" admitting this fact in the press makes Romney look weak and foolish.

Busch league. And, there is still the problem of the flip-flops.