Monday, October 22, 2007

Clacker Welcomes Mike Pride To The Huckabee Bandwagon (UPDATED)

The Concord Monitor's Mike Pride thinks that voters should get to know Mike Huckabee (on 10/22/07).

Monday Morning Clacker does too (back on 5/7/07).

Problems with fiscal conservatives and campaign fundraising aside, anyone that doesn't believe Huck is a 1st tier candidate is a moron.

Yes, moron.


(UPDATED) A longtime reader just emailed us: "Hey moron, aren't you going to tell everyone about how Huckabee places 2nd in Iowa behind Mitt Romney? I've listened to you squeal about that for months."

Oh our lovely readership.

But she's right. Squealed we have (we're still working on our TV voice).

So we'll squeal some more.

Mike Huckabee comes in 2nd in the Iowa Caucus.

Bank it.