Friday, October 19, 2007

Universes Collide - Monday Morning Clacker Crashes Howard Kurtz's Book Party

Ah DC.

You gotta love this town (even when it sometimes makes you want to scream).

This afternoon we were invited to Howard Kurtz's book party at Charlie Palmer Steak by an actual invited guest.

Translation: We were not on the original guest list.

But we went anyway. How could we not?

And managed to walk in just as Mr. Kurtz was giving his opening remarks to about 20 invited guests.

And one not-invited Clacker.

That's when we started our defensive stammering, "Oh, you all work at the Washington Post/Time Magazine/CNN? Well we run a political blog up in New Hampshire with a circulation of about 1000 'hits' on a good day. Take that!"

No, we're just kidding.

Folks could not have been more gracious.

We ate, we gabbed, we helped (maybe) set a little CW in the process.

Noted: Team Thompson, we didn't do you guys any favors. Trust us.

And we got a copy of Howard's new book, Reality Show, which the author was kind enough to sign for us.

So thank you to the young lady who took us, thank you to Mr. Kurtz (we've already started the book) and thank you to those who bought our lunch.

We had a great time.