Monday, October 08, 2007

What Doesn't The GOP "Get" About The Energy Issue?

Is the following graph from a Giuliani/Thompson/Romney press release?

Every president since Richard Nixon has spoken to the nation about how our oil addiction is jeopardizing our national security. We are funding both sides in the war on terror and supporting some of the most despotic,volatile regimes in the world. We are held hostage to the spot oil market – forced to watch our fortunes rise
and fall with the changing price of every barrel. And we are transferring a growing portion of our national wealth to oil-producing regimes, adding to our trade deficit and enriching countries with economic and national security interests adverse to our own. And we know that our oil dependency is jeopardizing our planet as well as releasing toxic pollutants that harm local communities.

It's taken from Barack Obama's new energy plan.

Politically, Obama's energy plan unites the far right (cut Hugo Chavez off at the knees!) with the far left (move America off of fossil fuels entirely!). And everyone in-between.

Including swing voters.

Solid policy. Solid politics.

Sounds like a winner to us.

What doesn't the GOP understand about energy?