Friday, October 12, 2007

Of Course, Gutenberg's Movable Type Had Luther's 95 Propositions

GOP internet expert David All is a sharp cookie.

And so are several of the other new media operatives over at

It's a new world out there and All and company are riding the wave of the future.

USA Today quoted David in a recent Ron Paul piece:

Ron Paul is no laughing matter. He's tapping into a side of the Republican Party that's never had its issues addressed," said David All, a GOP strategist and Internet expert. "And he's doing it by running a truly Web 2.0 campaign."
It's a good quote.

And the Web 2.0 revolution allows candidates the opportunity to tap untapped markets.

Which is a good thing. And exciting.

But remember, if a candidate has no message then even the fanciest and most advanced communication strategy is going to be flat. As a pancake.

Ron Paul is successful because his message is terrific (if it's your cup of tea). And a little off the wall.

Which in turn gives his Web 2.0 communication strategy the opportunity to shine. And, having been given the opportunity, Paul's online strategy has been good.

But the message, and the candidate, came first.

Rightroot operatives dedicated to re-building the Party should remember this moving forward.