Thursday, October 25, 2007

Regarding Obama Being "Outmaneuvered And Outsmarted" On October 2nd

Presidential campaigns ain't beanbag.

But the process should be "fairly knowable" if you know how to see 3 or 4 moves down the three-dimensional chess board.

And you're a legitimate game player. Or, at the very least, have a few on retainer.

Which is why we are so surprised that Team Obama was so surprised (and disheartened) by Team Clinton's release of Clinton's 3Q fundraising numbers on October 2nd.

It ain't rocket science.

October 2nd was the the fifth anniversary of Obama's opposition of the Iraq War, which highlights (in bold flashing neon) one of the very few issues that Clinton is really vulnerable on (at least in a Democratic Primary).

How did Team Obama not see Clinton's release coming on that very morning? How did they not better prepare the day's communication plan?

And how does David Broder, the Dean of the Gang of 500, now have a big column up about how bummed out Team Obama is about being outmaneuvered by Hillary on that day?

Who's running the show over there in Obama World? Children afloat in the big scary ocean for the very first time?

Team Clinton is good. But on October 2nd they didn't do anything particularly special.

Team Obama better understand that. And make the necessary changes.

Or this thing is over.