Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's Wrong With The Republican Party (Part 391)

The Politico's Mike Allen has a piece up on the "Fall Offensive" planned by House Republicans to combat the dire outlook of next year's elections.

It's a offensive offensive all right.

As we understand it, Team Boehner has a 3-pronged strategy.


Because the graph in Allen's story that's really telling is:

As a third part of the strategy, Republicans will unveil an agenda after January 2008 that Boehner has described as “innovative, dynamic solutions to the challenges Americans face every day. However, the GOP leader has yet to spell out exactly what those solutions are, and the promised agenda is already months late in being formulated.
Translation: Come back later. We still have to talk to our pollsters because we're so out-of-touch with what Americans need/want that we don't have a clue what our message is yet.

Ah, leadership!

So let's review the bidding so far.

The Democrats have 1. We ain't George Bush (still extremely effective for '08) 2. Give us the Congress and the White House and we'll give you health care and 3. Give us the Congress and the White House and we'll 'district targeted message'.

And so far the Republicans have 1. We only have 1,324 years of combined incumbency in our leadership while the Democrats have 1,462 years of combined incumbency in their leadership! 2. Uh and 3. Um.

Contract With America it's not.

2008 is going to be a bloodbath for the GOP. Again.

Which is all the better to re-build the Party out of.

And real game players are already looking towards 2010.