Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mayor Wannabe Purple Is Back In The Granite State (UPDATED)

Welcome back Wannabe Purple!

And today brings another small example of why we call Rudy "Wannabe Purple": It turns out New York is as Blue as ever.

Surprise. Surprise.


(Updated) Mayor Wannabe Purple, who we saw this morning in Manchester, spent the rest of the day ginning-up sweet NH B-Roll footage.

And in the process seemed to forget that he was even in New Hampshire.

Per the Politico's Jon Martin.

Who we thank, profusely, for covering Rudy's diner dashes.

So we didn't have to.


(UPDATED x2) This just hit our email box.

During today's diner swing Rudy took a minute to show NH diners the way a Giuliani administration would conduct foreign policy.

Bush on steroids. Just what America needs right now.