Saturday, January 05, 2008

Clack Clack Clack (Part 2)

Four things we know as the Democrats exit the stage and the debate rodeo comes to a close.

First, Hillary Clinton is one able politician and a bruiser. Who is absolutely still in this. Even if she comes in 3rd in NH, which we don't think she does (she will do better).

Second, John Edwards is a terrific debater. And he is probably still in this. Even if he comes in 3rd in NH, which we think he probably will.

Third, Barack Obama is extremely sharp and tonight's debate format allowed him to highlight that. But we still don't get "Hope" and therefore we still cannot believe that he will be the Democratic nominee. Double if he doesn't end up winning NH (flip a coin).

And fourth, Bill Richardson ain't presidential timber. But he's having fun. Even as he whacked Justice White over things that Richardson has absolutely no concept of.

But again, that's just our clack, clack, clack.