Thursday, January 10, 2008

John McCain's Secret Weapon (That Only A Few People Are Talking About)

First, two caveats:

1. The GOP race is still extremely fluid (duh!).

2. Political endorsements matter. Unless they don't. And the two questions to always ask about a political endorsement is "who" and "where".

That said...

Up until the summer of 2007 Team McCain was running a "national campaign" (at the same time they were also focused like a laser on the early voting states, but that's neither here nor there for this post).

But while many McCain staffers were laid off in the summer of '07 due to money problems, McCain's political endorsements didn't go anywhere (with a few exceptions).

In other words, the "unpaid national staff" never left.

These are political endorsements that Senator McCain and a few others spent years courting and signing up for the Senator's second presidential run.

Noted: Just take a look at Senator McCain's travel schedule during the '06 cycle. Or the '04 cycle.

Team McCain already has a good chunk of "the right people" in Michigan, South Carolina, Florida, California, Ohio, Maine etc.

People who are newly energized by the good Senator's convincing win in New Hampshire two days ago. People who are going to be publicly ecstatic if McCain wins Michigan.

But the best news for McCain? These folks know how to use the political machinery in their state to help Senator McCain get elected.

In other words, the type of folks who know the way to win.

Which counts.

Because, in case you hadn't heard, their quarterback is back.