Friday, January 04, 2008

The NH Long Knives Come Out! UNH's Andy Smith On Giuliani's Decision To Skip NH: "(Voters Are) Going To See Him As A Loser" (UPDATED)

We bet that Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta (who we are very fond of) and former NH GOP Chairman Wayne Semprini, both prominent NH citizens who form the backbone of Rudy's political organization in NH, wish that they were down in Florida with Hiz Honor right now.

Because the state of New Hampshire is just starting the process of kicking Rudy Giuliani's teeth down his throat for his decision to not play in the First-In-The-Nation Primary.

And the (entire) New Hampshire chattering class has 4 long days of roadblock media coverage to do it in.

Noted: We can't wait for when Team Giuliani starts kicking BACK.

We just can't understand how Rudy's NH supporters did not see this coming.

Everybody else did.


(UPDATED) A reader writes us to tell tell us that ah, it turns out that Rudy is actually in New Hampshire right now.

We had no idea.


Seriously, we're not kidding. And we live here.