Thursday, May 29, 2008

Barack Obama Should Visit Iraq With John McCain

Time's Karen Tumulty and Brian Bennett have one of the more "complete" MSM reacts to McCain's idea that McCain and Obama should visit Iraq together.

And while Ms. Tumulty is justifiably worried that the trip could turn into a media/State Department/military clusterf*ck, there are ways to sidestep the distractions (and maximize the positives) with proper planning.

Noted: Think McCain +2 staff, Obama +2 staff and three or four pool reporters jetting into Baghdad under the cover of darkness. Don't let the political/media industrial complex fool you, it ain't rocket science.

Besides, putting McCain and Obama together on a plane for a few hours (hopefully talking, with minimal staff and no press) could prove to be extremely beneficial.

The more these two men tolerate each other the easier it will be for our country to move forward after the election. And if that takes a military transport plane, a flight halfway around the world and a corkscrew landing well, our tax dollars are happy to bankroll it.

Senator McCain was right to offer to go to Iraq with Senator Obama and Senator Obama should take Senator McCain up on his offer.

We're just saying.