Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tonight On Anderson Cooper 360 Anderson Asks, "Barack Obama: Too Black To Be President?"

Wait, hold on...

Sorry, that's not tonight's topic.

Tonight's topic on 360 is "McCain: too old for the White House?":

Is it fair for John McCain’s age to be an issue in this presidential race? Is John McCain too old to be president? These are touchy issues and thorny questions, but we decided to tackle it in a story because it is indeed being prominently discussed.

If McCain wins the general election, he will be the oldest man ever elected to a first term. We spent a day with Senator McCain in Washington State. He paid an environmental visit to a wildlife habitat and led a panel discussion on climate change and global warning.As part of his visit, he donned his sneakers and a baseball cap and took a short hike in the woods. He certainly dressed like someone a lot younger than 72. But I think even he would admit that for the most part he does looks his age. A poll this week by the Washington Post and ABC News indicates that almost four out of ten Americans say they would be uncomfortable with a 72 year old being president. So is McCain sensitive about this?

On the contrary. While hiking with him, I asked him if his age is a fair issue. He says it is. And he laughed about it too. You will have to tune in tonight to hear what else he had to say, but it’s fair to say John McCain is using humor as a defense against the accusation that he is too old.

Let's see...

Substitute "McCain" with "Obama".

Substitute "age" with "race".

Substitute "old" with "black".

Substitute "young" with "white".

What have you got?

Another bullshit story that the MSM shouldn't dignify.

Ageism, racism and sexism are all "isms". And all three candidates deserve better than a discussion about whether or not they are too old, black or female to win the White House.

We're just saying.