Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clinton To Brian Williams: "We Have To Get To The Point Where One Of Us Has 2210 Delegates And We're Not There Yet"

Hillary Clinton's extended interview with NBC's Brian Williams today.

We continue to think (flogging a dead horse) that Hillary is in it until Obama publicly hits 2210 delegates (or she does). If that's before June 3rd, fine. If it's June 4th, fine. If it's after June 4th, fine.

Why would she drop out before that? She hasn't lost until then. She's not a quitter.

And for all those people who argue "Party/media pressure will force her out", 1. She has public opinion on her side and 2. "Party/media pressure" ain't NOTHING compared to watching your husband (the President) be impeached for having oral sex with an intern while you were First Lady.

Noted: We're guessing on point 2, but we think it's a good guess.