Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Media Matters Helps "The Media" Figure Out How They Blew It So Badly On Iraq

And when we say "The Media" we're not including GMP1 in this particular equation (not that many Gang of 500 members would anyway). We marched against the war before it started.

Noted: But since we now wholeheartedly support a continued and fairly indefinite American troop presence in Iraq, we have been banished to some weird demographic occupied by about 14 other people in the whole United States.

In any event, Media Matters has some interesting new information out to help "The Media" understand how they got snookered by the Bush Administration when it came to Iraq.

Or at least help those members of the 4th estate who weren't sleeping with their sources in the VP's office (they already know how they got snookered).

Worth a look.