Sunday, May 11, 2008

If The GOP Political/Comm Gurus Do Their Job, Johnny Mac Shouldn't Have Any Trouble With...


Moving America off of fossil fuels entirely is great for our national security, great for our economy at the macro level and great for job creation at the local level.

Now which one of those three "greats" is going to be a tough sell to the Republican base?

And we're not even going to raise the fact that huge chunks of America's religious communities are getting behind something called "Creation Care".

Or that this issues gives Republicans something to be passionate about other than war (thank God).

Noted: Did anyone hear us mention global warming/great with the independents once in the entire post?

Ok, but just once.

Alternative energy, communicated and packaged correctly, is an absolute winner for the Republican Party

In 2008. And beyond.

Why let the Democrats have all the fun?