Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Creation Care" (UPDATED)(UPDATED)

If this didn't tune-in the antennas over at the RNC/NRCC/NRSC, maybe this will.

Noted: We'll bet a dollar that Mike Huckabee spends the next 36 months making the Creation Care issue all his own.

We certainly would. What other issue could a Republican run on that secures his base while at the same time allowing him to flirt outrageously with the independents?

(UPDATED) Somehow we think that these (socially/culturally conservative) folks are just as serious as the Sierra Club, with almost the exact same goal.

Tick-tock Exxon Mobile. Tick-tock.

(UPDATED)(UPDATED) It's nice to know that we have a few readers among the Bushies.

Snark (sorta).

Noted: And we're not terribly hopeful about the Wednesday speech. But we are hopeful about the next generation of Republican leadership.