Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You're Going To Need A Lot Of Money...

to break the Exxon Mobile/Saudi Arabia/incumbent bureaucracy's stranglehold on America's current (lack of a) energy policy.

Money to organize and communicate at the neighborhood level in key states across the United States. Money to operate through 2012 (maybe even the '14 midterms, maybe beyond). Money to snap up the best political talent in America and keep them happy and willing to throw political haymakers. Money to go to war with a century of entrenched interests. Money to fight people who built their empires literally by digging in forgotten places around the globe with their bare hands. Money for a crusade. Money to turn on the DC money spigot for the best and brightest scientists and engineers and keep it on for as long as they need.

In other words, you need political "F*ck You" money.

And you're going to need a ocean of it.

The good news? It's out there.

And then some.

All it's doing now is looking for political representation.

And the Smithsonian is holding a choice spot in its American History Museum for whoever that turns out to be.