Thursday, April 17, 2008

Is That A John McCain For President Sign In The British Embassy's Window?

This is pure rumor. We don't know the British Ambassador to the United States and we don't know anyone who works for him.


In the last ten days we've had two separate conversations with individuals who move in the British Embassy's orbit. Not "a private lunch with the Ambassador at noon" orbit, but fairly close.

And both individuals told us that a good chunk of the folks who work in the embassy are "terribly surprised" that the American election is as close as it is because the Brits think John McCain is much more qualified to be President than either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

Is this bullsh*t? It certainly could be (but if we really thought it was we wouldn't post it).

And even if it's not bullsh*t, it is of no practical political value and remains nothing more than cocktail gossip.

But it's pro-McCain cocktail gossip. Our favorite kind.

And the British PM is meeting with all three candidates in Washington today.

So we'll post it. And let "legitimate" media organizations run it down if they like.