Sunday, April 27, 2008

If The Concord Coalition Don't Like It, We Don't Like It

All 3 candidates had their financial plans hammered by very serious, nonpartisan smart guys (and gals) in today's New York Times.

It's a big problem.

For all three candidates. And the country.

The federal government (read: us) will owe $10 trillion (ish) by the time the next President takes office.

What don't people understand?

That's a huge chunk of financial cancer that adversely affects everything up and down the line. And the $10 trillion doesn't include what's coming down the pipeline with the entitlement programs.

You don't "grow" your way out of a debt that large. And you sure as hell don't spend your way out of it.

Borrow and spend Republicans are just as bad as tax and spend Democrats.

When you are in a hole stop digging.

All this is getting really tiresome.