Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tony Snow On McCain's Katrina Comments: "Of Course He Doesn't Know A Lot About A Lot Of Things That Went On Behind The Scenes"

So said former White House Press Parrot Tony Snow on CNN's The Situation Room last night when asked about McCain's "never again" comments regarding the Bush Administration's handling of Katrina.

So Mr. Snow, what exactly was going on "behind the scenes" during the Bush Administration's handling of Katrina?

Actually, don't bother, we already know the answer - A. Whole. Lotta. Nothing.

Snow made his comments about McCain and Katrina right before he told Wolf Blitzer that it was "smart" for McCain to be "associated" with Dick Cheney during the 2008 election.


The former Parrot is a peach ladies and gentlemen. A obnoxious, self-interested, out-of-touch peach.

Like so many of the Bushies in early 2008.

Team McCain, and rising stars in the Republican Party, would be wise to remember that.