Thursday, April 17, 2008

FLASH: George Stephanopoulos Once Worked For Bill Clinton!

We are also getting unconfirmed reports that Mr. Stephanopoulos once played himself in an Oscar winning documentary about his time on Clinton's '92 campaign. We have managed to get a clip of the documentary from our sources in the field:

At about 1:15 in, look at George leap to Bill's defense! Wow!

GMP1 can only wonder if there is another soul on this planet who is aware that George Stephanopoulos once worked for the Clintons?

And, if there was, why that person didn't raise any objections until after ABC started treating Barack Obama the same way that they treat all presidential frontrunners (hint: for better or worse, make the candidate dance like an asshole).


Hey Team Obama, suck it up.

You bunch of whiners: