Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ageism: It Ain't Racism Or Sexism But It's Still An "ism"

Now, we can't see any legitimate (or even 1/4 legitimate) advocacy group hitting McCain on the issue of his age.

Noted: We pulled this YouTube off of Daily Kos. See our first sentence.

First, old people vote.

Second, any attack on McCain's age would only probably end up making the "I'm older than dirt" Senator smile. And provide Johnny Mac a nice, fat political home run ball to go yard on in the experience arena.

Noted: But then again, John Murtha didn't get our memo (but Obama seems to).

In any event, isn't ageism still an "ism"?


And it will be very interesting to see how McCain's age plays out in 500(ish) House, Senate and Governor's races this summer.

And how the more legitimate organs of the Democratic Party handle it.