Monday, April 21, 2008

Clinton's Pennsylvania GOTV Operation (UPDATED)

We don't know but one thing about it.

And that is that Nick Clemons is helping run it for the Senator.

You know, the guy who ran New Hampshire for Clinton.

And we all know why the New Hampshire Primary turned out the way that it did.

So is Nick Clemons a rising star? It certainly looks like it.

And tomorrow we find out if he's even more than that. When he goes toe-to-toe with the Obama juggernaut. Again.

(UPDATED) You pro-Obama folks are quick.

Yes, Team Clinton doesn't want for many resources, so it is fair to say that she is a mini-juggernaut.

But Team Obama is still the 500 pound resource gorilla in April of '08.

And yes, if you had asked us 12 months ago (hell, 6 months ago) if we would ever believe this could happen we would have laughed in your face.