Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pennsylvania Prediction: She Is A Hockey Player, She Would Return

Hillary Clinton wins by 10+ points tonight (with not great exit polling for Obama) and this thing goes all the way to Denver.

And in Denver, Team Clinton has a 30% shot of pulling out the nomination on her "Obama can't win big states/working class Dems/Jews/Hispanics/Catholics so John McCain will win" argument.

Noted: And before the Republicans get all giddy at the thought of that, GMP1 is far from sold that in a general Barack Obama can't win those demographics, as we are far from sold that John McCain benefits from an extended fight between Clinton and Obama.

Unless Denver is an absolute circus. With tear gas.

And then...

Of course, we really have no idea at all. Nobody does. Which is what will make ten hours(ish) from now so exciting.