Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Put Mike Huckabee To Work

From where we're sitting, we can't understand why Mike Huckabee is not out on the '08 campaign trail stumping for McCain/Republican candidates.

Huckabee is catnip to rank and file social and cultural conservatives, he truly respects Johnny Mac, he's dynamite on the stump and he talks so convincingly about "swing issues" like global warming and health care that our squishy conservative heart swoons.

What's not to like?


And if Huckabee still makes some out-of-touch, soon to be gone Bushie elites in DC nervous (or skeletal Team Romney '12), well, that's their problem.

It's time to put the Huck back to work.

For the benefit of all outside-the-beltway Republicans.

We're just saying.