Monday, May 12, 2008

Oregon Dem Governor Ted Kulongoski Pulls A John Lynch

And shows up at a McCain campaign event this afternoon.

This isn't the first time Johnny Mac has pulled a prominent Democrat to a '08 campaign event. Governor John Lynch, also a Democrat, showed up at a McCain event last October in New Hampshire.

Noted: h/t Jill Zuckman for the story. GMP1 was at that October town hall but outside flirting with the Blogettes. So, no story for us.

For all the jawing Obama does about "working across the aisle" & "Obamacons" & that silly little joke he tells on the stump with the punchline that goes "Why are we whispering?", McCain actually has a record of elected official Democrats showing up to his events. And, to the best of our knowledge, Obama does not.

It must be an American hero thing?