Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Questions To Ask On That Country Road Heading Home

Questions to ponder this morning:

Will Clinton crack 70% in West Virginia tonight? And if she does, what will it mean?

Why didn't Team Obama "play" in West Virginia?

Will Obama publicly crack the required number of delegates he needs for the nomination before June 3rd? If not, will he crack it before the Convention?

If Obama doesn't publicly have the delegates he needs before the Convention, does Hillary stay in until the Convention? And if she stays in, does she stay in just for a long goodbye? Or is she in it to win it until the very end?

Is GMP1 the only publication that believes a prolonged Democrat fight that doesn't end with tear gas in Denver (but a good old fashioned floor fight is just fine) is bad for John McCain?

Does anyone really know what the hell is going on? Or are we all just riding the same hurricane with different sized expense accounts?

Finally, since somebody is voting somewhere today, are we allowed to start drinking moonshine at 9am (ish) "in celebration of West Virginia and democracy"?