Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Summer Beach Reading

Boomsday by Christopher Buckley, which we purchased this morning using a Boarder's gift card from two Christmases ago.

From the Booklist review:
With Boomsday looming as 77 million baby boomers get ready to retire and crash Social Security, Cassandra Devine, a sarcastic spin doctor by day and a ferocious blogger by night, calls for a revolution. Why should the under-35 crowd pay higher taxes to support the "Ungreatest Generation?" What have boomers done for anyone? Look at Cassandra's heinous father. He absconded with her Yale tuition and convinced her to enlist, leading to her encounter with a land mine while escorting Massachusetts senator Randolph Jepperson. After going to jail for instigating anti-oldster riots at golf courses, Cass takes a cue from Jonathan Swift and offers her own outrageous "modest proposal." With one eye on the White House and the other on tough and lovely Cass, blue-blood Jepperson decides to back her provocation. As Cass's mensch of a boss observes, "The line dividing reality from absurdity in this country has finally disappeared." With delectable, smart-talking characters and a devilishly clever story line, prizewinning humorist Buckley, author of the novel-turned-movie Thank You for Smoking (1994), has created a scrumptiously shrewd and hilarious political satire that takes bold measure of the newly widening generation gap and politics even worse than usual.
A "sarcastic spin doctor by day and a ferocious blogger by night" who "calls for a revolution"?

Good heavens! How outside the realm of our reality.

In any event, Chris Buckley knows where the DC bodies are buried. And he sure knows how to wield a pen.

That makes him two for two in our book.