Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bloomberg's Press Flaks Play The Media Like A Piano, Again

Here we go again with all this "Bloomberg on the national ticket" crazy talk.

And, we get it: Everybody who's anybody lives in Manhattan (not New York). Therefore, the king of everybody who's anybody must be perfect for a spot on a national ticket.


We watched as barrels and barrels and barrels of ink were spilled a few months back about Bloomberg and the #1 spot. That didn't happen, so now we're talking about Bloomberg's VP prospects.

We like Mr. Bloomberg. Anybody who can create, run and then sell a gazillion dollar business - which functioned under his watch to as close to a true meritocracy as one is likely to find in the business world - is no bullsh*t.

And, to be fair, Bloomberg would probably make a good VP. If he wanted it.

But he can't want the job. Why would he?

He's already the billionaire king of everybody who's anybody in Manhattan (which Bill Clinton claims is the second best job in the world). And there is nothing in the Naval Observatory in Washington, DC that puts Bloomberg any closer to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue than he already is.

Noted: And yes, we're aware of the old chestnut that Vice Presidents grow up to be Presidents.

But the King is staying right where he is thank you very much.

And the Gang of 500 is just going to have to get over it.