Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who Might Love Johnny Mac More Than GMP1? Why The Union Leader Of Course!

GMP1 is spending the next 48 hours in New Hampshire.

Just long enough to help our special lady pack-up for her move down to Washington DC.

It's nice being back in New Hampshire, even for a brief visit.

We have fond memories of the 16 months we spent here. The people that we met, the places that we visited, the stories that we wrote.

And it's nice being back in a state where the major newspaper, the Union Leader, might love John McCain even more than GMP1.

Check out the UL's coverage of McCain's visit to New Hampshire yesterday, including Joe McQuaid's cameo.

Noted: A lucky penny?!!?? Come on, feel the love!

And you can bet that McQuaid's name is far up Team McCain's "pluses" column of whether or not to commit the resources necessary to make New Hampshire a general election battleground state.

Much to Jeanne Shaheen's disappointment.

Hey, New Hampshire loves a genuine American hero.

And he loves them right back.