Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Romney 2012?

We're hearing a lot of chatter regarding a Mitt Romney run for President in 2012.

Skeletal Team Romney '12 has three talking points.

First, 2012 will see another open Republican Primary no matter what. If McCain wins in November he will only be a one term President. McCain is too old for two terms.

Noted: What a great way for Team Romney to build bridges with Team McCain! Not.

Second, most Republicans fail the first time they run for President. So Mitt Romney is not a loser, he's historic!

Third, money. It always comes back to Mitt's money.

It's our understanding that a good chunk of Romney's former campaign staff is hunkering down in Romney Inc. friendly jobs, crossing their little fingers and hoping like crazy that 2012 is going to be their year.

"If only we had kicked Mitt of his addiction to polls," they moan. There is talk of hiring even more campaign staff the next time around.


All we want to know is whether Mitt-Flop '12 will be a candidate of his years as Governor of Massachusetts, the wanna-be George Allen candidate, the economic fix-it candidate or a candidate to be named later.

We're going with "a candidate to be named later".

Even though that bird is cooked before it even gets off the ground.

No snark.