Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Our Republican Party

One of the best strategists in Republican politics today is fond of saying, "The Republican Party cannot be a white, male cul-de-sac party and hope to survive."

And while we don't know what our friend thinks of this particular video, we know what we think of it - It's crap.

This video is of, by and for a white, male cul-de-sac party. Which is a lousy place to be politically in America in 2008.

Senator Obama is far left, untested and inexperienced. Which disqualifies him (from where we're sitting) from being President.

But we do not believe that Senator Obama is a "scary black man", which is the narrative that this video is pushing. No matter what Mr. Habeeb says.

The whole thing is just stupid. And made to appeal to a group of people whose time is quickly passing.

We're just saying.