Monday, March 17, 2008

What They Don't Understand

We cannot understand why the 3 presidential candidates aren't focused more on the economy (all of this is mindless campaign speak).

Neither political party is wholly responsible for the mess we're in now, neither party has a monopoly on the answers and none of the three candidates is a standout on fiscal issues.

In other words, everybody is starting just about even. Which means that each candidate has absolutely everything to gain and absolutely everything to lose.

But instead of Team Clinton/Obama/McCain calling a high profile "halt" to their campaign activities in order to huddle with their respective economic teams and put forth some sort of plan/idea/cocktail napkin sketch to at least show the American public that they feel their economic pain and anxiety, McCain is in Iraq (and Europe), Clinton is talking about Iraq and Obama is talking about race and Clinton talking about Iraq.

It's the f*cking twilight zone out there on the campaign trail.

We might not have believed this 6 months ago, but the economy is going to be the #1 issue that people vote on in November. People are scared - about losing their job, their house, not being able to pay for gas, not being able to pay their credit card bill, feed their kids etc.

Whichever candidate can connect with and then calm that fear and anxiety is 85% of the way to the White House.

Before they even get out of bed.