Monday, March 24, 2008

Why We KNOW GreenMountainPolitics1 Is A Terrible Name For A Blog

First of all, our name is too long. And the only thing that this blog has to do with Vermont is that we grew up there.

Second, it's a Blogspot address, not even a "real" domain name.

Third, everyone forgets to add the "1" when they reference us.


So Friday, when the WaPo's Chris Cillizza gave us a nice shout-out on his blog, we weren't surprised to see ourselves referred to as GreenMountainPolitics.

Nor were we surprised when our good friend Phil Baruth at VermontDailyBriefing, referencing Cillizza's post, referred to us as GreenMountainPolitics.

And Phil has known us and our blog since the beginning.

The VERY beginning.

That's BAD branding on our part.

Because "at least they spelled your name right" doesn't even apply to us.