Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Gas Tax: Both Clinton & Obama Are Holding Guns, But Only One Is Loaded

And, to be honest, we're not sure who has the loaded gun at this point. Although our (ample) gut tells us that Clinton has dangerously overplayed her hand (we know, we know, we're in the minority).

Look at the below two ads. We think they are a great example of change v. more of the same. And in a change election...

Of course, the knife fighters on Team Clinton and Team Obama don't give a sh*t about what we think about all this, or what the New York Times editorial board thinks or what some rich donor in California thinks. This is all about the voters. Specifically, the voters in North Carolina and Indiana.

And both Team Obama and Team Clinton think that they're holding the winning hand with them.

Time will tell.

Here are the two ads: