Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Changes In McCain World (UPDATED)

According to Jon Martin, Steve Schmidt will take a larger role in the campaign.

But isn't this still a problem for Team McCain (from Martin's article):
Now, accounts diverge on the exact nature of the new chain of command. One top McCain source said that Schmidt "assumed full operational control of the campaign today" and described Davis as "a general manager"

But Charlie Black, another top adviser, said Davis was still in charge.

"Steve is going to function under Rick as a [Chief Operating Officer]," Black said. "Rick still has authority over all things. Steve works for Rick."

But Black made sure to not diminish Schmidt's elevated role in the campaign.

"He'll be the maestro who conducts the symphony," Black said of Schmidt's position in driving McCain's message.
Yes, this is still a problem.

A big problem.

Who is in charge, and responsible, in Crystal City?

(UPDATED) Chris Cillizza weighs in with a piece that also wonders who's in charge.