Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lakeside In Freedom, NH With Legs, Literature & Libation

Happy CONTINUING summer vacation everyone.

Noted: Those aren't our legs. Not really.

And after spending the last few days dockside with Robert Massie's Peter the Great biography, we feel the need to take a short break, hop back on the grid and highlight a couple of stories that have caught our eye recently.

Because a few of our loyal readers are getting ornery and have started the threatening emails. You know who you are.


Time's Andrea Sachs reviews businessman Felix Dennis's How to Get Rich: One of the World's Greatest Entrepreneurs Shares His Secrets.

The Journal's Amy Schatz explores the GOP's lack of online politicking abilities. Maybe it's just us, but if the same three Republican "Internet strategists" weren't quoted in every single article on this topic maybe we would see some forward movement on the fresh ideas front?

The Journal's Kimberley Strassel explores the hatred that GOP reformers face from within their own party. Great, GMP1 loves a good fight!

The NYT's John Broder loves all over Al Gore's plan to wean the nation's entire electricity grid to carbon-free energy in 10 years. We love Gore's idea too. $3 trillion seems a small price to pay to tell the Saudis/Iranians/Russians/Venezuelans to go "stuff themselves" while at the same time helping secure our children's financial/environmental future.

Marc Ambinder tracks the GOP car wreck that is Iraqi PM Malicki's comments to the German MSM publication Spiegel. While Team McCain's Tucker Bounds is absolutely correct with this statement about the (significant) blow-up, GMP1 just does not see how Iraq is not a loser for the Republicans in 2008.

And Jon Martin has Johnny Mac on Conan.