Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain/(waiting for) Obama Town Halls

Alright, so, we once compared New Hampshire's Union Leader newspaper to a crotchety old uncle who wanders around a basement apartment whacking things with his cane.

We take it back.

Joe McQuaid's latest on the McCain/Obama Town Halls:
NH town meeting for Obama, McCain

Now that Barack Obama has had his make-nice photo-op in Unity with Hillary Clinton, it is time he engage in the serious business of letting voters compare him up close and personal with John McCain. Sen. McCain has already suggested a series of joint town-hall meetings and we know just where and when they could begin.

Sen. McCain is due in New Hampshire two weeks from today. He is supposed to drop by this newspaper, but we would happily waive our time if he and Sen. Obama would agree to meet and take questions from New Hampshire voters.

Let's hear no excuses about negotiations and security and the need for months of planning. President Bill Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich were both here the same week in 1995 and, within three days of it being suggested, they held a joint question-and-answer session in Claremont.

If Sen. Obama would meet the president of Iran without pre-conditions, he can surely find time to meet with Sen. McCain and New Hampshire voters.

Sen. McCain has even offered to fly with Obama to such an event. Makes sense, given fuel prices.

How about it, senators?

Anytime the rest of the Gang of 500 wants to sack-up and jump in there is alright with us.