Monday, July 21, 2008

Developing: NYT To Run 4 Part Series On How Team Obama Keeps "The One" On Regular Bowel Movement Schedule

Of course we're only kidding. Sorta.

But the Union Leader's Joe McQuaid isn't laughing about the bias of the MSM toward Barack Obama. The UL Publisher has written a front-page, above-the-fold editorial this morning titled "Obama Orgy" (we're not making the title up).

Per Mr. McQuaid:

The blatant bias of the major national news media toward Barack Obama is now so overwhelming that it would not be worth noting, except that the election of a President of the United States is involved. It is a propaganda blitz that would make the Kremlin blush.

By election day, we fully expect John McCain to be vilified as a Vietnam-era war criminal and worse. But that is only if the networks and other major media can tear themselves away from their Obama orgy.

A recent report found that since June the nightly newscasts of NBC, CBS, and ABC combined have spent 114 minutes covering Obama. McCain got 48 minutes.

But that was before this week.

The three major television networks are all scheduled to send their nightly news star "anchors'' to follow Obama on his trip to Iraq and the Middle East.

When was the last time you saw ANY of the networks do this with Sen. McCain?

If you can't recall, it is because it hasn't happened. McCain, who knows and understands and is intimately familiar with Iraq and Mideast issues, has been there many times, with little fanfare. It is because he understands these issues that he was able to argue so effectively for the surge that has dramatically improved the Iraqi situation.

The outrageous imbalance in the major media's coverage of the candidates means that the American people are going to have to work doubly hard to make the right choice in these perilous times.

To which the MSM will respond to that troublemaker McQuaid (via a MoDo column) "Don't mess with our Messiah!"


Beware false Prophets.