Thursday, July 10, 2008

Washing The Sh*t Out Of The Augean Stables With Laughter (UPDATED)

It's been quite a day.

Now everyone needs to kick back with a stiff drink and have a laugh.

And we can think of nothing better to bring the "ha-ha" than re-watching Tom DeLay on yesterday's Hardball.

Classic. Bumbling. Impotence.

Crib Notes: Iran, George Bush on a scale of 1 to 10 & DeLay being "through pointing fingers".

h/t Our little friend in New York City.

(UPDATED) The joke, it seems, is on us. We got so excited to post this YouTube that we neglected to watch it and realize that the audio "stinks" and that it doesn't even get the whole interview.

Our apologies.

We are currently looking for video from yesterday but have not found it yet. 

We understand that MSNBC didn't clip the interview, which is why we have to rely on YouTube.