Monday, July 14, 2008

DC Mayor Fenty's Shakedown Operation?

Tonight, at 7:26pm on the east side of the 200 block of D Street NE, DC parking enforcement officer J. Harley (badge # 00323 in Department 15) decided that he was going to write a parking ticket for a parked car with out-of-state plates.

A $50 dollar ticket for not properly displaying a parking pass "on the sidewalk side" dashboard of the parked car.

"These hick tourists will never know what hit them," officer Harley probably thought as he typed the ticket into his little computer. He might have even let out a little giggle, spraying donut crumbs everywhere.

Except this hick blogger does know what hit us - a shakedown.

And some fast and loose bullsh*t that tarnishes much of what the DC government does.

Take a look at the picture we took - our permit is displayed prominently and it is displayed correctly. It's not even close.

And while we are not stupid enough (or arrogant enough) to believe our little post will have any real impact on anything, if we can get Fenty's PR people to bring down a sh*tstorm on parking enforcement officer Harley well, the 5 minutes we spent on this post will be time well spent.

Which is probably what officer Harley thought while he was writing us a bogus parking ticket.