Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama = Bush (Part 2)

David Broder has a tough Obama column up calling the Senator from Illinios an "enigma" and "opaque".

Which makes, according to Broder, the GOP's job of going after Obama more difficult. 

Probably so. 

So we're going to throw our brief two cents into this conversation (again).

Last February, we wrote a post arguing that Obama '08 = Bush '00. But not in a good way.

A few days after we wrote that post Team Clinton went after Barack Obama by comparing Obama's inexperience with Bush's.

We think this is a potentially devastating line of attack against Senator Obama. A line of attack that could wreck havoc on Obama's swing vote support in battleground states. A line of attack that was never fully explored by Team Clinton.

We'd like to see the GOP/McCain take their own shot. 

If they have the stones to cross what's left of the Bushies.