Friday, July 11, 2008

Nancy Jacobson Proves That You Can't Buy Class But You Can Paint It Purple

This article at the HuffPost on Democratic fundraiser Nancy Jacobson (Mark Penn's wife) is worth a very quick read.

Especially these three paragraphs:

Jacobson has raised eyebrows in Democratic circles by starting a new profit-making venture capitalizing on all the rich folks who will be wandering around Denver for the four day convention with little or nothing to do while waiting for official activities at the Pepsi Center, and a swirl of parties across the city, to begin.

Penn's wife, a professional fundraiser, is trying to round up as many as 75 people willing to fork over $10,000 each for a Monday-through-Thursday "convention summit" at the Ritz Carlton in late August where they can meet and greet the powerful, the wealthy, and such Democratic "thought leaders" as Drew Westen, author of the The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation.

"This is not your typical sort of thing," Jacobson said in an interview. Instead, it will provide a kind of exclusive home-base for the affluent. "It's really a private thing I am doing."
"It will provide a kind of exclusive home-base for the affluent..."

Who says that? Seriously.

In the dictionary under "place lacking self-respect" it says "see that home-base".

Anyway, it warms our heart to know that the Democratic Party is just as screwed up as the Republican Party. And we look forward to watching those chickens come home to roost when George Bush finally hits the road for the last time.