Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FLASH: Pot To Meet Kettle Shortly On MSNBC's Hardball? (UPDATED)

We think (note the "think") that we just caught Chris Matthews telling his audience that Tom DeLay would be on his program today to talk about how President George Bush has wrecked the Republican brand.

We don't have much love for President Bush.

But we positively despise that crook Tom DeLay, who has done as much as anyone to put the Republican brand in the toilet.

We've got a stiff cocktail in hand and are looking forward to taking a ride on DeLay's Bullshit Express.


Tom DeLay was just on Hardball and we aren't nearly tipsy enough to do his 5 minute yap yap with Matthews justice.

Pull the transcript and read it for yourself.

Meanwhile, watch as the six or seven friends that DeLay still (kinda) had in the GOP run for cover.

Just as fast as their little legs can carry them.

Who puts this guy on TV?