Wednesday, July 09, 2008


After several days of process stories and hundreds of campaign man hours wasted on idle internal speculation, Team McCain finds itself pretty much back where it has always been.

Sure, Mr. Schmidt will bring some much needed organization to McCain's ground/media operations. And, no question, that's important.

But the strategy-by-committee approach of Team McCain that was present before the ramp-up (or shake-up) will stay in place. 

Via Jon Martin and Mike Allen:
Instead, McCain will take a strategy-by-committee approach. The campaign’s theme will be largely shaped by Steve Schmidt, the operative installed last week as day-to-day manager. But because of his daily tactical duties, Schmidt will hatch strategy in concert with Rick Davis, who is technically still campaign manager, and advisers Charlie Black, Mark Salter, Nicolle Wallace, Matt McDonald and communications director Jill Hazelbaker.
We love Johnny Mac. We really like, personally, two people on the above list.

But we remain extremely skeptical that the strategy-by-committee approach that wasn't working as of 10 days ago will start somehow working today.

We hope that our skepticism is ill-placed.

Which is exactly what Hillary Clinton's people were saying last December.