Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dick Morris Predicts Big Storm And Vermont's Peter Welch Doesn't Have A Lifeboat

Democrat Party strategist Dick Morris is smart. Dick Morris is also kinky.

He readily admits that he hires prostitutes to suck on his toes while having late-night phone strategy sessions with the President of the United States.

I say "readily admits" because one of the hookers told a newspaper about Morris' fetish back in the late 90s, embarrassing then President Clinton and forcing him to fire his longtime adviser.

In less than two months, Morris was back advising Clinton in secret. You can always eat lunch in this town again.

So, when Dick Morris speaks, folks tend to listen. Even now.

And this week Morris wrote a column entitled "The Coming Democratic Party Civil War" and people listened.

Some Highlights -

Reacting to Bush’s planned “surge” in troop strength, the Democratic leaders in Congress, savoring their victory, are contemplating taking only symbolic steps to protest Bush’s war policies, a timidity that will highly displease their leftist boosters. The liberal activists who funded and impelled the Democratic victory in 2006 did not focus on winning a Congressional majority so that it would take merely symbolic action. Symbolic action would have been appropriate for a minority party, but the backers of a party in the majority expect something more.
Symbolic action? The Democrats are the majority party now?
They (Reid/Pelosi) are not ready for a constitutional confrontation with the Commander-in-Chief over his wartime powers. So, instead, they are going to hold hearings during which a parade of former generals will voice their misgivings and air their disagreements, past and present.
Hearings? We already had them, it was called the Iraq Study Group. But won't the left be pissed?
But this theater is not going to appease the left. They did not elect Democrats to Congress so they could hold hearings. They expect laws not shows. Their frustration will become increasingly apparent as the Cindy Sheehans of the world react to the increased troop commitment in Baghdad.
Did I mention that I am a huge fan of Cindy Sheehan?
As long as the Democratic Party could be counted upon to represent the left on Iraq, protests against the war were channeled through the political process and were aimed at electing a Democratic Congress. But now that the Democratic leadership has, in the eyes of the leaders of the left, “betrayed” them, look for protest to overflow the bounds of partisan politics and go into the streets.
Like on Church Street in Burlington?

The full article can be found here:

GreenMountainpolitics1 has been hot on the idea of the Democratic Party being torn between their hawkish party leadership and the newly elected Anti-War Establishment for several weeks.

We wrote about it here:

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The Democrats are in a tight spot alright.

Those in the tightest spots? Freshman Democrat House Members elected by the anti-war vote but lacking guts to stand up to Pelosi and do what they promised the voters at home they would do - CUT OFF FUNDING FOR THE WHOLE WAR AND REALLY CHANGE THE COURSE IN IRAQ.

Remember, if you're not supporting the surge and your not cutting off funding for the whole war, you're staying the course. That's not a new direction. That's timidity compounded by stupidity.

Vermont's freshman Peter Welch is about to find that out the hard way.